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Boer Goat - Good Eating



Posted Feb 19, 2013

Well l shouldn't really admit it, but the Boer goat l owned was quite yummy.

I got a boer goat from a breeder (friend) to help keep my grass down. The problem with this goat and l believe with most goats is that they are very good at escaping poor to average fencing. So our goat became more trouble than what he was worth.

Our Boer goat was a typical Boer, part brown and mostly white in colour. Very friendly goat and happy to allow anyone to pat him. He would sometimes bang his head into your leg which would hurt.... but it was never his intention to hurt you.

As we had trouble keeping our Boer within our boundary we did try tethering him on a chain and collar but this became a problem as the collar rubbed into his neck and caused a wound. As it was not feasible for the goat to roam around we had to get rid of our goat. So we gave the goat back to the orginal breeder who ended up doing the business and inviting me around for a few beers and a feed of goat. I know this is a "PET" review website and some of you may not like to hear that we ate this particular pet..... but the truth is the "Boer" goat is a meat bred goat so it is quite common for the Boer to end up in the freezer.

I think the Boer is one of the prettiest looking breeds of goats and the kids are extremely cute and a lot of fun to watch running around. As a pet the Boer is well suited, but you really must ensure you have very good fencing or you will have the same problems l had.

If you decide to buy a Boer Goat and tether it, please ensure you check the collar regularly to ensure it is not digging in to the goats neck. As young goats l would not hesitate letting any age child pat and play with the goat, but when the goat matures l would suggest only responsible kids be allowed to interact with the goat unsupervised as the Boer Goat does have the ability to head butt very very hard which could cause a lot of pain and possibly serious injury.... especially to young Children.

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