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Boer Goat x Nubian Goat Cross

Overall satisfaction


Acquired: Bred animal myself

Gender: Female





Easy to provide habitat




Tolerance for heat


Tolerance for cold


Meat production


Milk production


Fiber quality


Commercial value


Boer Nubian Cross.

By amir133

Clydesdale, Victoria, Australia

Posted May 27, 2011

Now this is a subject close to my heart.I did the breeding just to see what would happen well the results were spectacular, I had goats who grw very well and exceptionally well suited to bearing thir kids, they were good deep bodied goats and had a hybrid vigour they certinly didn;t seem to feel the cold as much as other goats did, and in the summer seemed to be able like the nubians to cope very well.
The goats that I kept certainly proved the point in production Milk was still extremely good, the Does seemed to be able to not only supply the house but also still feed young as well. The ones I kept and still have are all from multiple births, (quads) and have also kept this trait and pass it along to their offspring.
they also seems to have less trouble in having their kids. One other thing that I particularly noticed was that the kidas of these does were always the first to go. be purchase. and people were definitely wrapped. in them. Fed the same as my other goats with Pats recipe and Never a moments trouble.
For some one just starting out in goats this would be an ideal one to try, and you do get the best of both worlds Milk and Meat.

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