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Gustav the wild-boar


33803, Germany

Posted May 16, 2015

Our dog once showed up with a high-pitch squealing little package. It was January and particularly cold at minus 15°C. The package turned out to be a slightly damaged (from being carried in the mouth of our dog) baby wild boar. He was 3 days old at most and in the beginning he was not happy to be with us. We assume his mother was very young and inexperienced plus she gave birth to her young a bit too early.
We took Gustav to the vet and had his hip fixed/stitched and put him in a box with straw. He was very shy but soon started to eat out of our hands. He liked cat food, raisins and zucchini. During his first few months, he actually got to stay in our house & Kitchen! Even a local TV station found it curious and filmed us with Gustav.
We walked and played with him and eventually we had his manhood removed. Otherwise the male boar develops very large teeth, which can accidentally harm us. After nearly a year in the house, Gustav moved in next to the chicken. An outdoor space with electric fencing, a bathtub and some shrubs and trees. He didn't mind it at first, but as he got larger, he kept jumping the fence and going on walks on his own. We had some fun times together and Gustav kept visiting for another year or so, until he deceased.
We would've never sought out to get a boar or keep it for it's life-stock qualities. It was a pure coincident. However we do eat wild-boar which we hunt... very delicious and lean meat.

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