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Mayo Black Face



Posted Feb 10, 2014

This brand of sheep was snapped up in the local petting zoo who had two orphan lambs for sale. The thing with the local midland, Irish locals is they will tell you anything to off-load something they don't want. These two poor, beautifully formed black face lambs had been gifted to the zoo by a local farmer a matter of hours before and they made a quick 60 Euro off us in no time. One male, one female who needed to be bottle fed – they didn't want the bottle, or at least not what we were told they should have. As beginners we thought it was tough going not to mention the real danger of Mr.. Fox having his way at night.

Fast forward a couple of months and we get a visit from a local friend who informs us they are mountain sheep not Mayo wetland sheep (grrrr), which we had started to figure out by the fact they could clear any fence you had set up for say pigs or normal sheep. The male we were told would get playful; he sure did! Playful by taking a huge run at me every time I entered the field, it hurts. My experience has been fine, just make sure that you get a sheep with a full motor service history, only keeping a ram if you have 6 ewes stocked. The ram will be going to slaughter in a month with an intake of new ewes in the spring. I'm going to enjoy my lamb chops that's for damn sure.

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