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United Kingdom

Posted Jan 12, 2015

I have owned several Bluebelle hens and all of them have been good natured and tolerated being stroked, picked up and hand fed: this obviously makes them a great pet for a family with children.

Every Bluebelle hen I have had has laid an egg almost daily for at least a full year when egg production gradually begins to fall. During the day they were very independent and happy to roam and forage however on the rare occasion that we had to keep them within a confined area they tended to get bored and show signs of anxiety so we developed several homemade toys to keep them occupied and this seemed to relieve their anxiety.

On the negative side, in my experience I have found these birds to be less hardy than I expected, they have tended to get ill frequently when my other birds have not which has on occasion resulted in pricey vets bills. As you can see in the photo attached one developed itchy skin on her front and pulled her feathers out; she made a full recovery but I had to bathe her and apply aloe vera gel to the area daily so it took a lot of time and effort (although, in my opinion, it was completely worthwhile).

Overall, Bluebelle’s are very intelligent birds and with plenty of human interaction will become very friendly and allow you to interact with them. However, if you are looking for a hardy bird requiring little attention this may not be the bird for you.

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