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My funny turkey tale


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Posted Apr 13, 2016

You remember that saying “you’ll never know what a woman is thinking” I think that should also be applicable to turkeys.
I went to Texas, (Dallas to be precise) few years ago to stay with my grams. They happen to be breeding turkey about 8 - 10 of them. The turkeys looked so harmless and beautiful, they where so lovely especially with that their exceptionally proud-like stature. Actually I got fund of one of turkeys that I named her "Ada" an African name I learned from one of my uncles that married an African.

It’s crazy though but even till now part of me strongly believe that turkeys do have emotions. I can still remember vividly it was on a Thursday morning I went to the poultry to feed the birds which was my normal routine. Everything was normal except that I did feed Ada (my favorite turkey) before others. I saw her running from afar, I felt so happy that she was so excited to see me, but I never knew that reverse was the case.
She pounced on me like an angry bird and we practically started fighting. to cut the whole story short, she gave me black eye that I had to lie that I was attacked by street mobs.
After few months I told grams my story, she laughed and said that I was attacked by her because turkeys often get fierce when they see red color. But the question remains; if so, why didn't the rest of the turkey attack me or was Ada actually jealous?

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