Black Turkey

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turkeys are unbelievable


United States

Posted Mar 02, 2016

Black turkeys look adorable and can grow very big. The first time I actually got close to one was at my uncles place when I went for a vacation. It was a big powerful male always opening its feathers and made very loud sounds especially when it heard a strange noise. I would normally wake up every morning feeding it and trying to create an acquaintance with the bird always went to waste. it would even sometimes poke and even chase me if I dared to touch it . Many times I thought it will just be a matter of time for me to bond with the bird but i was wrong because no matter how i tried the same things kept on repeating themselves and the fun is it was very friendly to my uncle. so after failing to get acquainted with the bird I finally did not see myself trying to get one for myself. Turkeys are beautiful birds to watch but can be too aggressive and noisy as well. They get along with other birds very well and due to their size will require a large space where they can run freely. Dominant males will always kick the other males if they come close to it so larger space should be provided if there are to be several males.

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