Black Turkey

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United States

Posted Nov 20, 2014

I bought several turkeys to keep on the farm and of course, ended up with all males but one. Before it was all said and done, I managed to get some pretty good National Geographic style footage of a turkey fight or two! Turkeys are very fun to keep and watch and they can be quite tame. However, if you have toms and there is a hen in season, they can be pretty aggressive. Mostly with each other. I decided to cook one of our turkeys for Thanksgiving one year and my husband was happy to try his hand at an old pioneer skill. The bird was huge and dressed out probably close to 45 pounds. It stretched the capacity of our oven to the max and we ended up with a "stop, drop and roll" situation when it caught on fire and smoked up our entire house! We had several things to be thankful for that year. I like the black turkeys as far as alive looks go, but for dressing, the black pin feathers are difficult to remove and the meat was fair but not great- although I hate to pin that on the turkey, since my cooking skills didn't exactly help his meat.

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