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Negrita the Australorp


Posted Apr 16, 2015

I found Negrita in a pet shop with my other 2 chickens (of different breeds) in awful conditions. She was in one of those battery type cages where the floor is non existent just bars of metal. I don't like to buy animals from places like this but I just couldn't leave them and the seller hasn't had any since so I imagine he was just trying to up business (failed...). I'm not sure how old they were but Negrita looked older than the other two as she was much fuller and her feathers were beautiful even under all the dirt. The seller did say they were a few months and laying eggs every day which I wasn't bothered about but I doubt it was true. Once we got her home and cleaned up she really shone a lovely black colour with bits of silver, so nice and silky. Not like the other two...She was the most confident of the three I would say as although none of them were aggressive she was the least frightened and once they'd been let put together you could tell she "ruled the roost" so to speak. We already had a chicken pen and a bit of outdoor area fenced off so they were able to roam free. Once a day we let them out of that area so they have full roam of the garden (dogs are kept inside even though the chickens wouldn't bat an eyelid!). After a few weeks we noticed Negritas feathers were still in top condition and the other two were looking a bit worse for wear, no injuries just plucked a bit...On closer inspection i found Negrita was having a bit of a pluck at them occasionally so that explained the bald patches! After a few months all 3 started laying an egg a day and have continued to do so. I'm not too bothered about the eggs as I just want them to be relaxed and happy so I don't feed them a diet that would be used for hens specifically bought for laying, they spend a lot of time picking insects and digging so they need plenty of space and unshaved beaks, Negrita is the only one without a shaved beak and she files it down herself whilst picking. When I go round to see them even though they have an outdoor area they can access at any time they fly at the door (wings unclipped) so I'll let them have free roam of the whole garden. Negrita I would say is still the most dominant but she has stopped plucking. She will come if you call or if you run she will run behind you so she loves to play. Doesn't mind being handled in the slightest as she doesn't flap her wings or try to escape. All in all a great pet and even in a calm environment she lays her one egg a day so if you're looking for an all round chicken in my opinion Negrita is perfect.

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