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Black Sex Link Chicken

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Acquired: Farmyard / Feedstore adoption

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Posted Mar 24, 2014

The Black Sex Link hen that I raised was a beautiful chicken. Her feathers were black (as you may have guessed from the breed’s name) but they also shimmered green in the sunlight when she moved. She grew quickly and started laying dark reddish-brown eggs before her peers of different breeds. I can’t recall exactly how old she was when she started to lay, but it was right around a year. Her laying was daily and only tapered off while she molted. At no point did she become broody, which was a stark contrast to some of our other hens, and she was consistently friendly to the humans and cats in her life. Although she was not an aggressive hen she managed to stay near the top of the pecking order.

One thing that I noticed about our hen and many of the others of her breed (they had a lot of these at the feed store we purchased from), was that their beaks tended to split. I believe this is an issue that can happen with any breed, but it seemed to be prevalent in this breed. We never corrected the split in our hen’s beak because it didn’t effect her ability to eat and forage, and wasn’t as pronounced as some of the other hens’.

Overall, our Black Sex Link was a joy to have around and easy on the eyes and I would recommend her for a mixed flock of medium to large birds.

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