Black Sex Link Chicken

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Acquired: Farmyard / Feedstore adoption

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Black Sex Link Lives Up To Their Name!


Virginia, United States

Posted Mar 01, 2014

These little guys are awesome in my perspective. I personally think the darker the eggs color the richer the egg. I could be wrong but in my opinion I think the brown eggs taste better. Not only is it possible to get 1001 eggs from only four hens a year it is possible to actually develop a relationship with your chicken of this breed.
When I was growing up my grandparents had hundreds on top of hundreds of free range chickens. When I say free range I mean FREE go anywhere they want to go and set any where they want to set. There was those days when you was minding your own business walking back from the fields to get something for the rumbling of your tummy when all a sudden there is a cluck in silence and boom! A flying chicken with red eyes coming at you with all her might.
Your nice little walk back turned into a race to get cover or get pecked to death before you got there! How much I hated those unexpected surprises.
My grandparents owned many types of chickens; but as I got older and had chickens on my own, I fell for the Black Sex Links. These are very calm birds with a personality. When they learn to trust you then they are eager to please you. They are exceptional egg layers of large beautiful brown eggs. Although there is that occasional chicken that wants to make her mark, it really is not all that often. Even though they maybe very docile they are very bold and vocal. If you don't like conversations with your chickens then this might not be the right one for you!

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