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Sex Link Chickens


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Posted Nov 18, 2013

I got a small flock of chickens for egg laying, and at the time just picked a few of each type they had at the local farm supply store. One type of chicken we got were Black Sex Link chickens.

They're called 'sex link' because males and females are different colors as chicks, so they're SUPER easy to tell apart. The first time I got chickens I didn't think much about it, but now I realize just how important that can be!

Since then I've ordered many more batches of chickens and ducks, and since sexing the duckling / chicks can be pretty hard we actually would pretty often get a male slipped into our order by mistake. It may seem like that's not such a big deal until the males start fighting each other and/or hurting the females because the males are fighting over them. Ouch!

After those experiences, I really like the idea of the sex link chickens. Not only were we certain that we got females but they were sweet, good-natured chickens. The ones we got laid beautiful brown eggs.

I would definitely recommend any 'sex linked' chickens if you want a mature, egg-laying flock with the minimum amount of fuss!

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