Black Sex Link Chicken

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Not a huge fan of BSLs


New Hampshire, United States

Posted Apr 03, 2013

I didn't love having these chickens. We raised 6 from chicks and they did not over winter well in our communal coop, becoming problem children for going after other chickens. They also had raised combs which were more risky in our cold weather. We of course learned from this, adding more strategies to handle wintering. But since this time I've made a point to select very calm breeds with low combs (such as Wyandottes). The BSLs were among our first hens and we exerted a lot of effort trying to stop the habit with little success... Have not had a repeat problem in the winter with feather picking etc.

Though I might have better results now with more chicken experience, I probably won't try these again any time soon. They were also fairly boring to look at.

On a positive note, the BSLs were great egg layers, though, very reliably producing an egg a day during all months with enough daylight. They are a heavier bird which made for eating well also.

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