Black Partridge

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Black Partridge


44000, Pakistan

Posted Jul 08, 2016

Black Partridge is one of the most beautiful bird on this planet. It lives in bushes, low lands and dense forests. This bird is not meant for captivity but people keep it anyway. One of the reason for their captivity is of their beautiful voice. Male partridge sings up to 15 times in a row. Female partridges didn’t sing at all. Due to this, pet lovers only keep male partridges in their collection. In captivity, male only sing in spring season. However, in wild, it sings all around the year. During breeding season, female only produce one clutch and laid up to 5-8 eggs. While in captivity, they easily breed two times. Hatching rate is more than 90%. These birds can easily overcome diseases and environmental harshness but bird flu pose a major threat to wild partridges due to lack of medication.
Black partridge is a shy bird. If you want to keep a wild adult partridge, it will be your biggest mistake because they stop eating and hurt themselves, and if you didn’t set them free, they eventually die. So, if you want a wild black partridge, go for a newly hatched chick. In captivity, there main enemy is cat. While in wild their main enemy includes foxes, falcons and hunters. Black partridge is truly a gift of GOD and I urge pet lovers to release their captive partridges and develop their habitat for a sustainable growth.

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