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American Bison


United States

Posted Feb 27, 2013

I first started keeping American Bison about twenty years ago and it took time for me to learn how to keep them effectively and with out problems. Right now I try to keep my herd of Bison at twelve. I sell a few every year or so and we raise a few out to slaughter for their meat.

Bison like to be kept where their is a pond they can wade into easily and they like lots of shade trees. They love to wallow and roll and they can dig out huge holes so you have to keep a eye out for holes they dig.

Right now I'm keeping two bulls in the same pasture and they pretty much stay away from each other. Right now one has five cows and the other has seven cows. All of the cows right now have calf's. We will have new calf's born in the early summer.

They love to roam about and I've only had one bull that was a real problem. He kept knocking down fences and gates and so after giving him many chances he took a trip to the slaughter house.

You don't want children or herd dogs in the pasture with them. I herd them with a four wheeler but they will often challenge me. But I just keep blowing the horn and move towards them and they move right along.

I just simply love the steaks and burgers from my Bison. I mix about my Bison Burger about 60 percent Bison and 40 percent beef for delicious burgers that stay together well.

I really enjoy setting and watching them. They are magnificent animals.

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