Bianchi's Pheasant x Ringneck Pheasant Cross

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Pheasents, Do your research!


United States

Posted Jun 29, 2014

First off you have to realize this birds automatic response when frightened is to fly away, and it will fly away and never come back. They also are very skiddish and will be super stressed out if you try to fool with them often. They are best if placed in an area where no people, dogs, only nature is surrounding them. They need automatic feeders and watering cans. Their food container needs to be out of the weather because if it gets wet they will not eat it. They need very large areas with all four walls and a netting on the top. I would say 15' tall - 30x30' per dozen birds. When you transport them you need to use a special top opening cage and always pad the top heavily because if they get frightened they will fly up smashing their heads until they bleed, and stress the bird out. The best time to move any bird, including these are at night. They males are more beautiful than the females, the females blend into their environment, to help them breed and raise their young successfully. They like to have tall grass or branches, bushes to hide in inside their area. If you are looking to breed I would take away the eggs as soon as you see them and put them in an incubator and raise them yourself, there are lots of problems that may arise if not.

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