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The Rooster That Lived Next Door to Travis Tritt


United States

Posted Jan 03, 2014

Belgian d'Uccles are wonderful little chickens to own. An acquaintance of mine, who is a hobby breeder, called me to ask me if I would be interested in taking three d'Uccle hens and one rooster for free, as her boyfriend could no longer keep them. Although my main purpose in owning chickens to begin with was for egg production, my interests had expanded to breeding and I could not say no to these tiny gems.

She gave me directions to come and pick them up, and as I neared the home, I realized that I was preparing to pull in next to Travis Tritt's sprawling residence in Powder Springs, GA. I went around to the coops to see my new chickens, and immediately fell in love when I saw the rooster.

He was very small, being a bantam breed and only four months old, but his strut said otherwise. He wore the long feathers that came down over his spurs and feet with pride, and watched over the three hens as though his own life depended on it. I knew immediately that he would have a special place in my flock, and that his name would be Trouble.

After bringing him home and putting him in a coop with the d'Uccle hens, he adjusted quite well. Not having crowed yet, it took him about two weeks of hearing my Silkie, George, make his call before he gave it a try himself. Within a week after that, he was crowing like a pro.

The hens are very docile as well, and are small enough that an adult can hold them in one hand. They make great pets and are good chickens to introduce smaller children to, as they are not intimidating. I highly recommend d'Uccles to anyone looking for "hobby chicks".

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