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727355, Romania

Posted Dec 29, 2014

Being a breed from my native country with worldwide recognition and due to the popularity this breed has here, I have taken care of many Bal?ata Româneasca (as it is written in Romanian) cows over the years. Currently, I have owned one for almost 9 years now and I've never been as happy with any other breed. Despite the fact that they do catch diseases often, they can usually be cured with regular medication.

First of all, the milk is the best quality, though after a while (something which I have noticed in the past year) even with all the good food and no stress, the cow won't produce as much milk as it previously did. The meat is okay, though not in large quantities as in the case of other breeds like Angus. This breed is not known for its qualities regarding the beef, but more for its calmness and for the milk.

Second, the cattle are very calm and can easily be directed towards a certain place. If I, a 12 year old kid at the time scared of big animals could direct her from one place to another, you can easily imagine that anybody could. They are also intelligent and, something which I noticed in the cow we own at the moment - they remember things. Our cow lived for several years in a larger herd after which it was sold to us and even now, after almost a decade of owning it, whenever she sees a herd of other cattle, she immediately wants to join them.

The downside is the health. They frequently get sick, but they are not serious diseases, more like minor ones that can get healed in a few days. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about this breed. They are calm, beautiful animals that can produce high quality milk.

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