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415500, Romania

Posted Aug 21, 2014

We lived at country and we had a little girl, so we decided to have a cattle that we bred for milk to provide to our baby girl and also to sell to make some income. This cattle, which was actually a Romanian Spotted Cattle, which comes from the Simmental Cattle, was pretty good for us, at least at the beginning. This cattle was expected to give a relatively good amount of milk/day, which was about 15-20 L. In the beginning, everything was quite fine about it, until it started to get sick, to have fluctuations in the milk and everything due to incorrect breeding, probably. Also, after it gave birth to its calf, it lost lots of weight, which it didn't manage to regain and that was again a problem. No matter how much we fed it, the cattle continued to lose weight instead of gain it. We started to call the veterinarian more often to see this cattle and he told us that we don't do anything wrong, but it needed more specialized care, which we could not provide, as we were beginners in this field. So although this cattle is a wonderful one, it needs attentive care and lots of attention when milked, as it might have health issues quickly if anything goes wrong during milking. Another issue that we faced with it was that when it needed to get inseminated, it caused us lots of trouble, as it wouldn't get pregnant. It finally got pregnant, though, but by that time, we already needed to sell is. Anyway, we talked to the new owners and they are very happy with it. Another thing that we learned during the time we owned this cattle is that it needs a lot of grooming in order to look good and to maintain its health. Otherwise, I would recommend this cattle to anyone who knows how a cattle should be bred and who is really passionate about doing this.

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