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Sweetwater Farm Breeders of Babydoll Southdown Sheep & Lambs in Maryland


Hampstead, Maryland, United States

Posted May 13, 2011

http://www.babydollsouthdowns.com/ 410-456-1290

Babydoll Southdown sheep or their more formal name Olde English Southdown sheep and lambs have been a wonderful addition to our family farm and can be a wonderful addition to your family that will give you years of pleasure. We apply only the best in breeding practices making every attempt to enhance the best qualities at the same time keeping the Babydoll Southdown sheep bloodlines far apart producing healthy Babydoll Southdown lambs.

When we started our flock of Babydoll Southdown sheep and anytime we added to our Babydoll sheep flock in the following years after, we handpicked them from other Babydoll Southdown sheep breeders large and small. We continue to search out and only accept into our breeding program the Babydoll sheep with blood lines that are far apart, as well as Babydoll Southdown sheep with good dispositions, conformation, health history, fiber quality, and color. We do our best to only own and breed Babydoll
Southdown sheep that represent only the best in breed qualities the Babydoll Southdown sheep are so well known for.

Our Babydoll Southdown sheep flock is made up of colors ranging from mostly natural color Black Babydoll sheep that range from light to dark rich looking natural browns. We also have a few white Babydoll sheep and we are starting to breed for spotted Babydoll sheep and lambs. All of our
Babydoll Southdown sheep are registered with the original Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep Registry that Mr. Robert Mock started in 1991.

Our flock of Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep share our pastures and get along very well with our horses and goats. We are located in the rolling hills of north east Carroll County Maryland just 20 miles north of Baltimore and 25 miles south of York Pennsylvania.

What I feel sets us apart from other Babydoll Southdown sheep breeders is our “after the sale” support we continue to provide to all of our customers anytime they need us. After you bring your new Babydoll lambs home we will always be just a phone call away anytime you need us.

We are now accepting deposits for the upcoming lambing season. Please give us a call if we can answer any questions you may have about Babydoll Sheep or Babydoll lambs. Please enjoy the pictures and information you find on our web site.

http://www.babydollsouthdowns.com/ 410-456-1290

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