Aylesbury Duck

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Somerset, United Kingdom

Posted Dec 24, 2014

We didn't primarily get our beautiful Aylesbury ducks for egg-laying purposes, because we already had plenty of chicken eggs. This was probably a good thing because although I think they laid pretty regularly, we were rarely privy to their nesting spots as we let them roam free and they seemed to guard their eggs like treasure. However, it was still worth having ducks, both for their gardening help and their entertainment value!
Ducks have a voracious appetite and are not in the least bit fussy - this came in very handy when we found out they would quite happily eat the slugs from the garden (not even the chickens were interested). They feasted on many slugs until one day their beaks started to stick together from all the slug-slime and they finally said "NO MORE!" Our garden took a hit but it remained a fun story to share for years after!
Our ducks were very sociable creatures and were never vicious or mean. My little sister used to pick them up and push them around in her dolly pram and they didn't mind one bit (the ducks were almost as big as her!)
The main negative of keeping ducks is that they are impossible to toilet train and have no inhibitions when it comes to pooping (indeed, what goes in must come out). And this can become rather smelly and unpleasant underfoot!

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