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The not-so-ugly duckling


Posted Jul 10, 2014

I'm phobic of birds, dead more than alive, and admitting that I adored my ducklings is quite a compliment. After having gotten accustomed to their webbed feet, plastic(esque) beaks and nimble bodies; we were quacking away until dawn.

Cindy and Sammy didn't call my home theirs for too long, but long enough. For ducklings who had only recently hatched, they walked with one hell of a confident stride. It was amusing just watching them waddle around, looking like they have the most crucial business meeting in the world to attend.

Depending on their upbringing and personality, ducklings are not fussy eaters. Similarly, they aren't fussy poopers either. They seem to think the entire world (which was basically my house) is their bathroom. Instead of boxing them up in a cage, I devoted my bathtub to them which they used as a playground and poop-ground.

They're sociable creatures, although fish didn't enjoy their company. Don't let your rubber or real duckie swim in a pond where schools of fish might prey on it. You'll soon be cupping your whaling duckling from the pond, their delicate legs exposing wounds from snapping fish teeth.

Secretly a swan or not, there's still nothing ugly about owning a duckling.
You get used to living in an enormous cesspool after awhile. Haha!

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