Aylesbury Duck

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Aylesbury Duck as a pet.


United States

Posted Mar 28, 2013

This review will be based on the Aylesbury Duck as a pet. Yes, you heard me right.. a pet.

When I was younger, one of my best friends came in the form of a duck I decided to name, Donald. He followed me around everywhere, even into my bath water where he would dive for lost toys and float on his back if I put him in the position to. I have to say, however, that as he was growing and getting his big boy feathers, he was an ugly duckling indeed! Once he got his pearly white feathers, he was magnificent to behold.

My duck bonded with me, from day one.. so it wasn't hard for me to teach him to understand the command to, "Come" when called. His loyalty even remained when my mother and I moved and he somehow found us just four days later.

Definitely needing to be an outside pet, they are easy to keep but can smell if you don't keep them clean or in an area where their waste can decompose into the dirt.

I know it may sound odd to have a pet duck, but he gave me a joy no other animal could replace. I would recommend this duck as a pet to a child, or even an adult.

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