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Chickens in the Coup!


Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States

Posted Sep 23, 2016

The Australorps we have are from the original group of chickens we got and have since added a group of Rhode Island Reds to our coup. My mom is a teacher, and every year the school gets baby chicks to put in the main office for the kids to see. One year, we decided to keep a bunch of them. We built a coup and the chicks moved in!

We got lucky. We only had one rooster in the group, but if you have more then one there can be a large struggle for power in the coup as more than one roosters together don't get along too well.

The Australorps we have were laying a good amount of eggs during their early years, but now have started to slow down production for us, which is why we brought in the Rhode Island Reds to pick up the slack. For an hour or two per day we let the chickens roam the yard and they typically stick together/follow the leader. They stay in the yard and don't stray too far, but if you approach them they scurry away.

The rooster is pretty loud in the am, they do cock-a-doodle-do every morning at dawn. But the fresh eggs are/were great. We have a fisher cat in the woods near us so we make sure to keep the coup shut at night. Other than the assembling of the coup, food/water renewals, and cleaning the coup, they require little maintenance.

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