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South Australia, Australia

Posted Mar 08, 2015

Many years ago Dad decided we needed chickens, he said we would have an abundance of fresh eggs and the odd chicken dinner! (I was repulsed at the thought of how this chicken dinner was going to happen)
I remember the chicken run, partly sheltered and filled with private laying boxes. The smell that came from the chicken run on a hot day was disgusting. Also disgusting was the fact that Dad asked me to help mix up the chicken food. I remember a dry pellet like mix that we added hot water to, mixing it by hand then dropping the previous days food scraps into. The smell was overbearing, the chickens smelt as bad as their food and I didn't want to see another egg in a very long time! You can imagine my sheer horror, on arriving home from school, to the news that we were having chicken for dinner. All I know is that Dad needed Mums help, there were feathers all over the back yard, Mum came back in the house looking green around the gills and I promptly announced that I was a vegetarian! Looking back on the time that we had the chickens, we did have lovely fresh eggs every day and they were inexpensive to keep. They did however, smell disgusting. Unlike other animals we kept, I certainly didn't spend time with the chickens, unless it was my turn to help Dad make up the chicken feed.
To this day I find it hard to eat chicken knowing what is involved in getting the bird from the hen house to the dinner table. I do however eat KFC with no problem, I think it's the 11 secret herbs and spices ...

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