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Victoria, Australia

Posted Aug 29, 2013

Though Australorp’s are fantastic egg layers and a lot of reviews will say they are docile, you do get the occasional one with a serious attitude problem. I was ‘fortunate’ enough to acquire an Australorp hen that had some serious anger management issues, and absolutely hated me. It would perch on the highest place it could find, lie in wait for me to walk past, and then drop on me and would wildly peck at me. It did the same thing when I would go and feed it, it would run at me and attack me.

The only thing that made me feel slightly better about it hating me was that it also hated everybody and everything else. It would attack the cat, chase after the dog while trying to peck the dog’s hind legs and go absolutely crazy if anybody walked into the backyard or into the back room inside the house where it could see people.

The only positive thing I can say about this chicken is that while we owned it, we never had a problem with other wildlife coming into our backyard, because she made sure they knew that the backyard was her territory. And if you were game enough to go looking for her nest, you ended up with more eggs than you knew what to do with.

Based on this experience, I would not recommend owning them unless you plan on keeping them in a large coup, away from adults and children.

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