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Black Australorps


United States

Posted May 25, 2013

Black Australorps are large, hardy chickens who thrive in both warm and cold climates. They are also docile and friendly, making them the perfect choice to have around children. Due to their large bodies averaging eight or more pounds and laying an average of 250+ large brown eggs per year, they make an excellent dual purpose bird. The hens will brood and are good mothers, which is important for meat production. Their meat is described as sweet and delicious.

Many farms raise two or more breeds of chickens, as one breed will be for egg production and the other for meat. With the Australorps, this is not necessary. So, if you are a backyard breeder with limited space, Australorps will give you the best of both worlds. Normally, chicken breeds who lay the most eggs will have the smallest bodies but Australorps have large bodies and lay well. They also thrive in small areas, and will not fly over fences.

They are also beautiful, sporting shiny back plumage that shimmers with hints of green in the sunlight. Their white pinkish skin color makes them different from other black chickens. Despite their reputation and profitability, they remain a somewhat rare breed. For this reason, you can create a third source of profit by selling fertilized eggs for incubation or hatching them yourself and selling live poultry.

***Personally, I raise White Leghorns for egg production, and Black Australorps for meat, and also for brown eggs. I did extensive amounts of research before choosing these two breeds. I keep myself , as well as my family, in eggs year round. Please remember if you want good quality egg production, supply your chickens with good quality feed.

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