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Australorps - the Calm Chicken



Posted Jan 09, 2013

The first thing you'll notice about Australorps is that they're big. If you want a chicken to impress your friends, this is the one.

Large and black with beautiful glossy plumage, Australorps are also calm and placid, a bonus in a hen, especially if you want to keep a cockerel. An Australorp rooster will distinguish itself by being a gentleman amongst poultry, looking after his hens in a gallant manner, showing them where to find the best food, nestling with them in a shady spot on sunny afternoons and generally keeping them all safe and secure in his little broody harem. He'll also be well mannered and tame around you and your family, particularly useful if you have children.

The Australorp's size is also a slight drawback - they eat a lot compared to other chickens. But if you don't mind this, you'll have a calm, attractive chicken for company. They lay eggs, of course, but not as many per year as other more commercial breeds. And they have a tendency towards broodiness and going off the lay completely for a spell of a few weeks.

Australorps' size gives them an advantage over other breeds - they're good eating. Cook them long and slow and you'll find chicken how it used to taste, and plenty of it on a big Australorp frame.

All in all, a chicken that will grace your property with style, if you don't mind slightly lower egg production.

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