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McGuck the Turkey


United States

Posted Apr 01, 2013

I selected Auburn as the type of turkey but really I have no idea what kind of turkey he is. McGuck is sort of an oddball and really a bit of a butthead. He's really not good for anything other than to look at. We have no intention of ever eating him and as a male we recieve no eggs, so he's kind of useless and not very fun to hang out with.

McGuck is very pretty for a turkey but that doesn't mean he's not pretty ugly. He's a big guy (not sure exact weight) and we try not to aggravate him. He has a large, chainlink cage with a small coop which for some reason he thinks is an outhouse. He's not really a nice bird and once full on attack my little brother. I thought it was kind of funny, but no one else was laughing.

If you plan on buying a turkey, I would suggest not doing it. Leave the turkeys to the turkey farms. They are gross, ugly, smelly, stupid, and sort of mean (at least McGuck is all of these.) He probably would have been much happier with some company but adding more turkeys now would be dangerous for them. McGuck would likely attack them and maybe even kill them. He's certainly strong enough that he could.

Do not get a turkey unless you are eventually going to eat it or sell it!

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