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Auburn Turkeys


Michigan, United States

Posted Sep 27, 2012

Auburn turkeys are excellent pets! They are also a heritage breed. I spent a lot of time with mine when they were baby's and they think I'm their mom. They run to me every time I go outside. They are very curious and will peck at shiny or colourful things like diamond rings, red nail polish, rivets on jeans, etc. They also like to untie shoes. They get smarter as they get older and don't go after these things as much. Don't let them get close to your face because they can be curious of eyes and lips too. They love hugs and kisses. They will roost up high in trees or on a roof if you don't get them in before dark. The safest place for them is in a covered pen, especially when the girls are seeking a hiding place for their nests. Turkeys are excellent egg layers and mothers as long as there is a safe place for them to raise their poults. Turkeys are hardy in winter, not so much in high temps. They can catch cold, pneumonia or sinusitis if they are left outside in wet or windy weather. They are very fragile when young. They have to be shown the food and water and make sure they are eating and drinking. Putting marbles in their dishes helps. Turkeys shouldn't be penned where chickens have been until they are grown because chickens are carriers of "blackhead." Blackhead kills turkeys. If you want pet turkeys, find a heritage breed as broad breasted breeds are only meant to live a few weeks and will eventually have heart or leg issues and will pass away, leaving you with a broken heart.

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