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Aseel - The warrior chicken


64735, Sweden

Posted Jul 16, 2014

I had heard a lot about this breed but never had the chance to work with them so i was always very curious about this breed. We managed to get a rooster of this breed and boy what a rooster it was. There is no other way to put this, we named him hulk, not because he was green but because of the personality it had when it was angry or facing competition from another rooster.

Do not get me wrong, they are docile, almost to the point that they like humans more than all other things that they can like but they have a another personality, a mean green and super angry persona that makes them totally indistinguishable from a second ago. We grow up thinking that being a "chicken" means being cowardly, hello, i introduce you to this breed. There is not a single fiber, bone, or feather on them which is cowardly. They will even stand up to predators and with their strong beaks and very sharp claws, agility and speed have the ability to seriously injure the attacker.

If you have a flock of different breeds and have more than a few roosters, these are not recommended for you. They will and make no bones about it, fight with the other roosters to the point that one of them is dead. The people that i got this from told me that they had a pair who got into a fight ending only when both of them were dead (think of Peter and the Chicken fights - The Family Guy)

But, they look beautiful, they are different they walk up tight and always look to be in command of what ever they are doing. If you want to keep a pet who will stay with you and not int he flock, look no further, you have your ideal candidate. They like being pampered and the more you pamper them, the more they will appreciate it. Hulk would end up not eating anything from the floor, grass or even the tray, you had to feed him from your hands, anything else and he will say no. A bother but when you have some thing so regal and some thing that you purposely treat like royalty, you can have no complaints.

The young ones, they look patchy and a bit ugly, as if some one has plucked their feathers away from them but once they get a bit older, they become more graceful. They walk around the kids like guard dogs and are very possessive of their owner, normally never seen them attack any human but if you disturb them a show of anger towards you is a must.

Drawbacks, well the first they are a breed of hot climate, if you have winters that never end or long winters, they are not comfortable. They are also raised as a breed for fighting, i actually think that is animal cruelty and strong condemn it (a personal view that you do not have to agree with in any way). They are loving birds, wish I could keep one but since they are less of flock birds and for us the flock is the key, we had to say good bye to him.

I would say, they are an exceptional breed although a breed that suffers from bi polar disorder :)

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