Asian Water Buffalo

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Asian Water Buffalo


Posted Nov 02, 2010

The water buffalo is a magnificent animal. It is intelligent and easily trained when treated kindly. Because of their size, pasture and fencing problems do occur.They do well on grass and scrub, and their maintenence is less costly than a traditional bovine. They are hardy and less disease prone than cattle. They calf easily and without assistance.
My first bull was so attached to us that when we patted the ground, he would lie down to have his belly scratched. As gentle as he was, I took precautions when a cow was in heat. At 2500 pounds, I didn't want to get in the way.
The major drawback is the lack of commercial viability. I am not in a position to currently run a dairy operation, which is my goal, so steers have been sold for meat. It is a tough sell, even though my grass raised beef is healthy and delicious. I wouldn't trade them for cattle.
Major problem is finding breeders to trade with or exchange. I am on my third bull, and have to travel great distances to find additional stock.

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