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Lovely Chickens, but Where are My Eggs??


United States

Posted Jan 03, 2014

I purchased three Araucana pullets from a breeder, hoping to get a heartier breed than the red sex links I had purchased. So far, these birds have proven to be much healthier, and for that I am grateful.

Two of them turned out to be black and gold, and one is silver and black. The two black and gold ones, oddly enough, are very skittish around us and if they get out of the coop, getting them back is quite the task. But the silver and black one, who was smaller than the others for quite some time, is very social and calm. Named Nugget because of her smaller stature as a chick, she sticks around the coop and will even jump on my shoulder when I am coming to feed the flock.

My only issue with these chickens is that they are now 7 months old and still have not laid one egg. As with the red sex links, I have read that they should have been laying long before now. I am hoping that with spring, this situation will improve, as these are by far the healthiest and best looking hens I own.

As long as they produce like the majority of Araucanas, I recommend this breed to anyone wanting a quality hen for their hen house.

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