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Posted Mar 06, 2015

Right now we have 11 cows in our herd -- two bull calves, one bull, and eight heifers. The bull calves were just born in the past two weeks, and the mothers didn't need our help at all. We went out to feed them one morning and there they were. That's been our experience with all our calves thus far, which is something we really appreciate about the Angus.

It's been quite cold the past few weeks, but the cattle seem to be holding up nicely -- even the calves. In the summer they drink a lot of water and mostly stay in the shade, but their tolerance for heat is good as well.

We live on a ranch in Texas, so the grazing is fairly limited. Before the calves were born and the weather started to get colder, we fed them 1.5 small bales a day, along with half a pail of range cubes every other day. Now we feed them 2 bales plus the range cubes, and they seem warm and happy (or, at least, as happy as a cow can be).

The one thing I don't like about the cattle is that they tend to whine for food. This problem was especially bad when we fed them in the morning and the evening. Every time I'd go outside I was greeted with a chorus of moos that didn't stop when I went back inside. Feeding them twice a day gave them the idea that they had a chance for hay any time I went outside. We've really solved this problem by only feeding them in the morning -- they'll moo when I go outside in the morning, but they've stopped at other times during the day.

Overall, they're good, hardy cattle and I would definitely recommend them.

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