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Posted Jan 24, 2015

Like many young ranch kids, I grew up showing cattle. My sister and I both had the opportunity to show some angus heifers and truly enjoyed our experiences with them. Both of our heifers were pure registered angus and demonstrated most of their characteristics. Their names were Pixie and Rosy. One of them in particular, mine, had the truly traditional Scottish angus style blocky head, short and wide body. She grew a ton of hair and could maintain weight on nothing but scrub grass and water. She was FAT. Both heifers were fairly gentle though mine was so gentle we could actually ride her and sometimes did.

Angus in general are known for these characteristics. They 'feed out' well or gain enough fat content in their meat to make them grade easily as choice or prime. They also do so in a fairly quick amount of time. They also withstand cold weather very easily. They tend to not be extremely large cattle so they calve easily. My heifer had her first calf on her own and just showed up the next morning with it. They are also gentle cattle that are easy to manage in a herd or individual setting. Some drawbacks are that they do not yield quite as much meat as larger beefier breeds like Maine Anjou or Charolais. They also tend not to manage heat as well. For this reason they are frequently crossed with these breeds to produce more heat resistant, meatier cattle.

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