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Angus Calves


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Posted Oct 22, 2014

Just a few weeks ago, we acquired these two Angus calves. Obviously, one is a black Angus and the other is Red Angus. The black is a heifer and the red is a steer.

The reason we purchased these calves was because we need them for beef. The last one we had, we acquired when he was already fourteen months old. We fed him for six months and then put him in the freezer. That steer weighed just under thirteen hundred pounds and dressed at seven hundred fifty pounds. When we got him, he weighed eight hundred eighty pounds. He gained an average of 2.33 pounds a day.

I have fed out several Angus calves over the years and there are some qualities about this breed of cattle that I really appreciate.

The dispositions on this breed is remarkable. Each and every one seems to be curious and friendly even when they come to us right off the range. It only takes them a week or two before they are eating sweet feed and hay right out of your hand.

As I said above, the weight gain on the Angus is impressive.

The real value of the Angus is the quality of the meat. Since we raise our own, we have a lot of control over how much fat the cattle put on. Our cattle only get about a pound of sweet feed a day but all the number one alfalfa they can tuck away. The meat is well marbled but not with an excess of fat.

The Angus is number one in my book.

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