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Black Angus Cattle


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Posted Jun 18, 2013

There really were not enough options in the "About my Animal" section for complete accuracy, so I will give more details here. I never actually owned any cattle, but my family did namely my uncle Albert who had a black Angus cattle farm up in Tennessee and my sister who had one young black Angus calf at the farm where
my family lived.

I also had a friend some years back who owned one of the biggest cows I have ever
seen!! I posted a photo of her here for you to see. I am 5'4" tall and she is taller than I am!! She is not a black Angus, but she was a cow I helped care for, for a short time. I am not sure if she is still alive because I have not seen those friends in many years, but the rest of the cows are no doubt deceased, which is why I added the rainbow icon.

My uncle Albert bred and raised his black Angus for meat and milk, and believe me,
that was some of the best milk, burgers and steaks I can ever remember eating. He had his cows so tame they would walk right up to you in the pasture, and my uncle
Albert used to carry me out to the pasture on his shoulders to pet the cows when we
would go visit. I always looked forward to vacations to uncle Albert and aunt Edna's farm in Tennessee and I miss them very much.

The calf my sister and brother-in-law kept on our farm in Marietta, GA. ended up being
my pet; at least for a while. I can remember, back in the 1970's coming home from school and running out to the pasture to call in the horses and my pet calf who I
named Rowdy. I would take my horse out for a ride, come back and put Rowdy in
the stall, feed him and brush him just like I did my horses. I was only about 9 years
old at the time and one day I came home from school and did not see Rowdy in
the pasture. My dad told me he was probably just down by the creek. He Lied!!

We all sat down to have supper that night and after we were finished eating, my
sister looked me straight in the face and ask me how I liked Rowdy!!! I ask her what
she meant and she told me it was Rowdy we had for supper!! I was never more
heartbroken. I ran from the table straight to the bathroom and, well you can guess
the rest.

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