Angus Cattle x Hereford Cattle Cross

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The Black Baldy


Clarkson, Nebraska, United States

Posted May 24, 2013

Hereford and Angus cross cattle are called Black Baldies. They end up with a white face as a hereford and a black body as an Angus. These are the cattle that are bred to put meat on the table.

Generally range cattle, I wouldn't want to go in the pasture and walk around among them as they are generally not used to human contact other when it's calving time in the winter months.

Definately not a cow for children unless you are bottle raising a newborn calf and raise it like a pet then they can be used for 4H but you don't see very many black baldies as a 4H project.

The meat is great and they are a healthy breed staying outside 365 days a year in all types of weather. In the summer months, like any type of cattle you must make sure they have plenty of water and keeping an eye on them to make sure they don't get into the corn fields or they will get sick which can cause a terrible problem with your herd. They grow fast and birthing is easier than other cattle breeds. You still have to ride the fields however, during calving season to make sure everything is going well for both the calf and the cow. A cow will not accept a baby from a different mother. To prevent from having to bottle feed, you would skin the dead baby from the mother putting the skin on the adopted baby if another cow dies. Once the baby calf with the skin on it has a bowel movement, the cow will accept it and you can remove the skin. I know it sounds crewl but when you have hundreds of head birthing within the same time frame sometimes there are not enough hands to bottle feed so you try to do what comes natural and what's best for the baby.

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