Angus Cattle x Charolais Cattle Cross

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Katie, Luke, and Amos


United States

Posted May 28, 2013

When we first moved to a farm that we could get cattle, the first ones we purchase were Charolais mixed with a little Angus. We got them when they were approximately six months old. They were two bulls and a heifer.

The cattle were bought with the intentions of butchering them. We let them grow for about 18 months. During this time, my sister and I made pets out of all of them. You could go out into the field and lay on them. The one bull had to put up with so much from us. We decided we were going to train him so that we could ride him. So, we would tie stuff to his back and lay across it. He just stood there and let us do anything we wanted.

When they got older, we decided to sell the heifer and one of the bulls. Whichever bull didn't sell we planned of butchering. I will say one thing. It isn't a good idea to leave a bull in a pasture without company. The bull that didn't sell turned mean. You couldn't go into the field. He would chase you down. This was so different from when he was younger.

Anyways, that bull got out and went to the neighbors. They penned him up and we called someone to take him to the butchers.

- The meat had a good flavor and wasn't super fat.
- The cattle grew at an average weight.
- Other than watering, the cattle didn't require too much care.
- The cattle had a great temperament until the one bull was isolated.
- The overall health of our three was great. We didn't have any illness.
- We raised ours in Ohio and they did good in the summer and winter.

- Our three were escape artists. If there was a way out of the field, they would find it.
- There is a potential for aggression and bulls should never be fully trusted.

Overall, I would recommend these cattle as a source of food. I wouldn't recommend small kids be around any animal this size without supervision.

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