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Posted Jun 17, 2014

I have had more experience with dairy goats than fiber goats, but have had a few wonderful Angoras over the years. Most have had fairly calm temperaments and are easy to work with. I got my first two does (one white, one grey) from a friend, then added a buck a couple of years later. My son used our first kids as a 4H project and learned how to maneuver a fiber goat around in the ring (with no collar). It was entertaining watching the showmanship class when the kids had to switch goats in front of the judge. None of the other contestants had ever shown a fiber goat before and had a difficult time trying to learn on the fly.

I learned how to shear my goats (easier than sheep), then learned how to card, dye (with Kool-Aid) and spin. I love spinning mohair on a supported spindle and I love the way it takes color and shines. Kid mohair is wonderfully soft and airy to spin.

One of my favorite Angora goats was a buck we called Cernunnos. He developed a remarkable set of horns and long ringlets--an impressive beast. He was also very calm and gentle but when he made his mind up to do something, he would just muscle on through. A friend's church decided to do a live nativity one year and asked us to bring a variety of animals. When they saw Cernunnos, they insisted we bring him. I was apprehensive, but he took the whole affair like a gentleman until near the end, when he decided he wanted to go home. One man thought he could hold the gate of Cernunnos' pen closed by standing next to it. Cernunnos butted it mildly at first (a polite request) but when the man didn't move, he gave it the full force of his massive horns. The man limped about, howling, the gate was bent in half and Cernunnos ambled back to the truck. We quickly loaded him and took him home.

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