Sugar Pie

American Guinea Hog

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Falmouth, Kentucky, United States

Posted Sep 03, 2018

Sweet is not the word I often use to describe hogs - any hog - but my Sugar Pie is a sweety. As a child I had a scary experience with a hog and was very cautious of getting hogs myself.

When I was young my father raised a pig every year for meat. I was instructed to stay away from the pig. Well my listening and obedience skills were not always the best. So one day my friend and I went to check out the hog. The hog was in a fenced off area in the back cow field. We climbed the hogs fence and went inside. Long story short - he was not happy. He chased us and we climbed a tree to get away. That hog kept us in the tree until it was past supper time when my father finally came looking for us.

In 2012, I was introduced to American Guinea Hogs. They are a smaller breed and have a reputation for being mellow and easy to handle. So I purchsed six piglets. Sugar is the boar I kept for breeding. He has a pleasant friendly personality and likes to rub against my leg, until I scratch him behind the ears. American Guinea Hog can live in family units. Sugar was a great father and got along well with his piglets. He sired several liters. He is actually retired now and just leads a life of luxury.

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