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American Buffs


Pennsylvania, United States

Posted Jun 29, 2011

Overall I would say that these are the best geese. They are calm, friendly, quiet and easy going, they come up and give me kisses on the tops of my feet. And the beautiful buff color - against the green grass and a blue sky - is simply striking! The one thing about owning geese is that they can be distructive when in close quarters. My geese have excavated their own pond - dispite my protests.
They are listed in the American Poultry Association's Standards of Perfection as a medium sized goose - weighing at about 17 pounds for the ganders and 12-13 pounds for the geese. I have never had a health issue with my geese, although I have heard that other owners will get the occasional bumble foot - this can be remedied by increasing the vitamin A in their diets.

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I lost my old log-in but I'm the same peachfront who posted the above. All I would add is that these birds are potentially VERY long-lived for a smaller conure. Two of my birds passed away at age 27, a third is going strong at age 28 with relatively few signs of age, and the other 28 year old still has good quality of life despite his arthritis. He interacts mostly with me but plays a little with another bird, an older cockatiel. And he still keeps an eye out the window for cats. I have also been contacted on Twitter by a few other folks who have had or still have Peachfronts who have reached age 27 or 28. I don't think it is real common for a bird this size, it's definitely the extreme upper age limit, but these birds are likely to be with you for a significant number of years.

January 12th, 2019 at 04:22 pm