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Posted Sep 21, 2014

I hadn’t planned on getting American Buffs until someone had mentioned that they were looking for a home for some goslings. I met the parent birds, which were gorgeous and since I was already raising several other goslings at the time, I of course couldn’t resist these beauties.

I brought home a couple of girls. I thought. It turned out that the gal who had given them to me wasn’t quite as good at sexing geese as she thought, and I actually ended up with a brother and a sister.

These are a heavy weight breed and, like most other geese, the ganders are notably larger. I became suspicious about the genders of my buffs when the one grew so much faster than the other, but their sizes more or less evened out for a while. It wasn’t until December of their first year that it become obvious that one of the little darlings was a gander.

I separated him out from other geese. He also lives in our orchard and can see the girls, but there’s a fence dividing them because I had specifically not wanted mated pairs, fertilized eggs or feisty ganders.

I was worried that even outside of a mated pair my gander would be aggressive since his sister is the feistiest of my female geese. However, this gander has turned out to be the absolute cuddliest of any of our geese. He lets us carry him out in the morning and cuddles with me every night before I put him to bed.

He has never challenged me, but during the breeding season of his second year did challenge one of my other family members on multiple occasions. Once he figured out he couldn’t win, he gave up on and has only rarely ever tried to nip.

While these are sociable geese, buffs can be incredibly destructive. My female buff almost killed several of my six foot fruit trees by chewing up the trunks and also likes to eat the picnic table. The gander likes to chew on the side of their house when he can get at it.

Buffs can be a little feistier than Embdens and Toulouses but, when raised in the house, are still very sweet. They’re excellent grazers and productive birds that make an incredibly beautiful addition to any goose flock.

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