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Loosie Goosie and the Grove


United States

Posted May 16, 2014

Loosie was one of my daughters Geese. She raised her by hand from the time she was a tiny gosling. Unlike the rest of the Geese Loosie remained friendly and hand tame.

Loosie would follow the kids around but she especially loved playing in the grove behind the house. If you could not find her and began to call her she would begin to honk excitedly from the back of the grove. Then she would run as fast as her fat legs would take her to the yard so you could rub her back and her neck.

Loosie was a velcro goose. If the kids were outside playing she was right there with them.
Loosie did not play much with the other geese. They mostly shunned her. I dont know if it was because she ran and played with the kids or because she did not chase and bite them. Sometimes I thought she was the Casper of Geese.

Loosie was with us right up until she passed away in her sleep. She never layed a single egg and she never chased a single kid. That is of course unless they were playing freeze tag in the front yard!

Geese can be great pets. It is just a hit or miss type of proposition.

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