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Geese: Interesting Animals to Own


Ohio, United States

Posted Nov 15, 2012

Geese are intriguing birds. We owned two pair of American Buff Geese for a short amount of time on our farm. They are fun to watch for sure. It did take a considerable amount of time to be able to interact with them. They are not trusting birds, so it takes a lot of patience. We let them wander through several sections of our farm, including the pond area. That seemed to be their favorite place to be so we put their house right near the pond.
We found that their favorite snack was cheese crackers. Mostly we added it to their feed, but there were times when we fed them as they swam in the pond. To keep them healthy, we gave them water that was enriched with a special vitamin additive since Geese are finicky when it comes to the weather. They can't be too hot or too cold. In their house, we had a heating system in place using lamps to maintain an even temperature for them. Our four geese never got aggressive and didn't ever try to chase us. They were docile and laid back birds.

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