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Labrador of the Chicken World


United States

Posted Jun 16, 2015

You just can't beat these fun and intelligent birds. They are the real charmers of the chicken world and they have the cuteness, with their muffs and beards, and the intelligence to match. This feisty breed is always getting into something or looking for something to get into. They are the perfect bird for beginners and children as their extroverted personalities and boldness fit into active families. They are average to good producers of colored eggs (tints of blue through green) Interestingly, we have noticed this breed lays uniquely tasty eggs - and all of our chickens are on pasture.

While not usually competing in shows (these are less common than the hatchery “Easter-Eggers”), there is a spot for the Ameracaunas in the competition (APA, "All Other Standard Breeds" AOSB) - and these would make fantastic agility birds! And if your local fairs host egg competitions, this is your bird.

If you want an active, fun breed that will spend the day gardening, raking or doing whatever it is you are doing - this is the chicken for you. They will jump on your lap (or head) for a cuddle, and then join you to weed the flowers. If ticks, or other bugs, are a nuisance - Ameracaunas have you covered! They are good in warm climates and their minimal combs and lack of wattles set them out to handle the cold well. This is not a great breed for very small yards as these birds have a healthy curiosity, they want to DO and SEE - they need room to roam and people to play with.

Add Ameracaunas to your flock. I will always have them in mine!

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