Ameraucana Chicken

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Florida, United States

Posted Jun 14, 2015

We actually got Evangeline and her 5 adopted sisters as babies on a whim. My mom grew up raising chickens and she wanted that experience again. We had them for about 2 years and eventually had to give Evangeline and the others away to a friend of ours due to certain circumstances. Taking care of them was a blast and incredibly fun watching them grow up. The last time we heard from our friend, she said that Evangeline was alive and well and having fun exploring the farm.

We have had a total of 8 chickens (as well as one rooster) over the past several years and we never raised them for their meat. They were all pets with their own name and unique personalities. Evangeline was the only Ameraucana chicken as well as the leader and protector of the group. When they were introduced to something new, Evangeline was the first one to inspect it to make sure it was safe to be around. Aside from being a little bossy, she was also very outgoing and friendly. There were some days, where when it was cool enough, I would drag a chair out by the chicken coops and watch them interact. The way she interacted with the other chickens and how they interacted with her was quite entertaining.

When it got dark or a storm was about to hit, we had to put the chickens in their coops. However, Evangeline was fast and always ran under the coop, where it was hard to reach. The setup of the chicken coops and the cage that surrounds it to keep predators out was only big enough for the 6 chickens. The time it took to set up the cage and coops took about a couple of days or so, but the effort it took in setting up everything for the chickens was laborious, and the summer heat of Florida made it worse. Overall, going outside and checking on the chickens’ food and water is only a bit time consuming.

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