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True Ameraucanas are a treat


New Hampshire, United States

Posted Apr 03, 2013

We only have a few of these birds in our flock, after attempting a hatch from shipped eggs (which is always risky to start with), but they are gorgeous and easy keepers. Absolutely no problems with them. They are reliable, though not prolific layers, so if you are going for sheer volume this is probably not the breed for you. I also would not consider them a dual purpose bird due to being thinner/finer stature birds. However, for a backyard or small farm layer flock they make a wonderful addition.

Real Ameraucanas are elegant in appearance, with a clear muff around the beak. Eggs can vary in size, but on average appear to be a little smaller than some of the other breeds. The eggs are a nice tint of blue or green, great for variety and especially in the springtime. We always get comments on EE/Ameraucana eggs for their colors.

The birds are friendly and approachable, and have handled the hot and cold of New England with no problems. I plan to keep these as part of our flock long term.

In the picture, the Ameraucana is the white chicken.

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