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Acquired: Farmyard / Feedstore adoption

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United States

Posted Mar 05, 2015

I only have experience with one Amber Sexlink hen, but it has been a very interesting one. Bossy is one of seven hens in my flock of various breeds. I have had them all since about 2 weeks of age. This hen got her name because she truly rules the roost. She is not overly aggressive, but is definitely in charge of the other hens, and took the longest of our birds to warm up to people. Though it took time, she is now quite friendly with our family (including the kids). She is however, the only hen in my flock to have gone broody. We free range our chickens by day, and close them in the hen house at night. She did not return to the coop one night, and I feared the worst for her. After two days, she returned to eat, but before I could catch her, she disappeared again. After searching for her extensively to no avail, and putting out an APB with the surrounding neighbors, we finally gave up and waited for her return. she did indeed return 2 days later, and this time I was ready. I lured her back to the coop with some food scraps and locked her in. Knowing that her eggs were not viable (I don't have a rooster), I decided to leave her cooped for a week or so, to break the broody habit. It worked, and I have not had any issues with her since. She has returned to providing a beautiful dark brown egg almost daily. I've learned a lot about chickens from this hen, but I don't think I would choose another Amber Sexlink based on my experience.

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