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When you go for a walk and come home with a Goat...


Lewisville, Texas, United States

Posted Oct 11, 2016

Living in what used to be a rather rural part of Texas we had a variety of animals at different times and some odd neighbors as well but Sherman was a whole new experience. I was eight and had gone for a walk down the street (I remember because it was the day that there was an airplane crash at DFW airport which is within 20 miles of my house) and I found a goat on my street. Just randomly walking down my street.
I turned around and came home with that goat following me and I walked into the house. I tried to talk to my Mom as even an eight-year-old knows it’s the polite thing to do to introduce a goat to your Mother before you invite him inside, but she was busy watching the news footage of the airplane crash at the airport. I kept saying “Mama, I really think that you should listen to me.” Finally, I guess she got tired of me interrupting her and the news and told me to go to my room. And, for once in my life, I obeyed. However, so did the goat.
About 3.2 seconds after I walked to my room I heard her yelling “WHY IN THE HELL IS THERE A GOAT IN THIS HOUSE??” I tried to explain “Well he followed me home and I didn’t know what to do with him and I kept asking you and you sent me to my room. So I did what you told me to do and I went to my room.”
She said “you didn’t mention that you had a goat with you.”
I replied “well you didn’t really let me but I did do what you said.”
So we named him Sherman and moved him into the backyard where he was actually a lovely goat and would go for walks with you and everything until one of us (my mother actually) had the bright idea to get a “lady friend” for Sherman at which point Sherman became a very un-nice goat and we had to give him away because he kept head-butting us when we tried to feed him.

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